License key determins available functionality

You receive WebCFG online as a 85-megabyte Zip file. For Windows or for Linux. It is sufficient to execute the setup script for quick installation. Please refer to the installation documentation.
You determine the range of functions available for your WebCFG through the license key which you access from our shop


Configure one WebCFG application and manage it on one server. The full version converts into a free version after a 30 days trial period if no license key is entered.


Configure different configuration files and manage them on one server.


The ›Professional‹ version also makes it possible to manage different servers (via remote file, remote access and remote execution).


This version allows all users to work with WebCFG even though they are not employed in the company which bought the WebCFG product.


Use WebCFGs full functionality by upgrading your basic version with only a new license key.


Use WebCFGs full functionality by upgrading your professional version with only a new license key.


All products includes 30 days installation support.

Buying a 1-year subscription includes

  • Software maintenance including minor- and major upgrades
  • E-Mail support relating to products issues


Please buy subscription for

You can conveniently make your purchase through our online shop.


Feature comparision matix

Please refer to the feature comparison matrix for more details.


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