Delegate tasks safely

With WebCFG you delegate simple administrative tasks directly to the user. You make them more independent and your own life easier. Now users can simply help themselves. You determine the extent of possible changes, and, at the same time, you provide instructions for executing the changes. Simplify routine procedures once and for all through the use of forms. Instead of having to change cryptic commands, the user simply fills in a clearly organized web form.   
By adding only a few special commands, you can extend a simple configuration file to a comfortable web form. All elements that are needed can be used, such as text boxes, input fields, radio buttons or tabs.

Example: Add a new user with the help of your secretary.
Normally setting up a new user requires a great deal of individual steps.

In general, let the user perform those tasks which reduce your work: routine procedures. Once a script is created there will always be order and efficiency. WebCFG provides a web form where all required data can be entered and handed over to scripts which execute all the necessary tasks in the relevant systems. With WebCFG even complex administrative jobs can be done by non-technical users.



  • Sysadmins can predefine recurring administrative tasks and add an easy-to-use web front-end
  • Non-technical users are able to do sysadmins jobs

Further Examples:

  • Add a user to the system in domain, mail server, proxy, databases
  • Easy restart of processes on Windows and Unix servers
  • Check log files
  • Manage backup process on a Unix server including eject or rewind of tapes