Full version 30 days for free

Test the full version of WebCFG

You can use WebCFG in the Professional version for 30 days free of charge with all the functions. Simply download the complete program for Windows or for Linux after filling out the registration sheet. Your information are necessary to send you the Evaluation Key.

Use the Free version without any time restriction

After the trial period expires, the Free version of WebCFG is available to you without any time restriction. It is not possible to manage remote servers and maintain various WebCFG configurations with this version. This version can also be downloaded without registration.

Full functionality with the license key

If you would like to continue using the Basic, Professional or Extranet versions after 30 days, conveniently purchase the respective license key on the Buy page. After validating your license key, you can immediately continue to use WebCFG. The configurations that you have already made will of course remain intact.