Feature comparison matrix
Choosing your version of WebCFG

The following table describes the differences in functionality between the four versions of WebCFG.

Features/Version Free Basic
Manage one configuration only X X X X
Manage files and execute actions local only X X X X
Using simple authentification only X X X X
Define a custom style (CSS) for your configurations   X X X
Configure unlimited configurations   X X X
Using all kind of supported authentifications except of LDAP authentification   X X X
Manage configurations also on remote servers     X X
Manage realtime data with handler-element     X X
Using LDAP/Windows AD authentification     X X
Define unlimited custom styles (CSS) for your configurations       X
Hide "Choose an application" Combobox on demand       X
Allows all users to work with WebCFG even though they are not employed in the company which bought the WebCFG product       X