Real world examples and scenarios
SpamAssassin in use

Please refer to our SpamAssassin end-user scenario to get involved in how easily a end user front end can be.


Simplify DNS bind changeprocess

Using WebCFG helping admin's simplify changing bind zone configurations.

Creating new windows AD user

Safe delegation of IT tasks / processes like "creating new user" to e.g. your human resouce departement.

More real world examples

You will find more real world examples in our online demo. All szenarios was born out of the requirements of our customers - e.g. WebCFG as a frontend to ...


  • "vacation" - the standard email absense responder for unix systems
  • "vacation for sieve " - the advanced email absense responder for cyrus imap systems
  • "survey's" - get feedback from your customer
  • "mail aliases" - quite easy management of your aliases file
  • "drbd" - the distributed replicated bliock device with showing realtime state of the devices
  • "amanda" - the backup program got a web front end for basic functions like eject tape, showing next tapes or flush dump disk.
  • "vmbk" - the VMware ESX3 backup script got also a front end for end users
  • ... and much more !


Please be try our online demo - maybe you want also have a look to the configuration ? Check the meta configuration - and the examples ...