Installation instruction

WebCFG is a web application that needs a servlet container (e.g. Apache Tomcat, Mortbay Jetty, JBoss AS, Glassfish, BEA Weblogic, IBM Websphere) to run. The installation can be done in two ways: the easy way and the expert way. If you don't already have Java and a servlet container installed, chose the the easy installation where all the required software is supplied.


Installation - the easy way

After downloading the WebCFG bundle for your platform (which supplies all the required software like Sun JDK 5 and Apache Tomcat 5), you only to follow the installation notice for your system:



Installation - the expert way

You installed java and a sevlet container yourself. Now, deploy WebCFG only to your existing and running container


Configure your installation

After installation is completed, please follow the next steps:


Windows Installation
  • To install WebCFG-bundle, please download and start the WebCFG-bundle-installer.exe.
  • If you want to register WebCFG as a windows service (starting WebCFG while booting windows), please mark the corresponding checkbox in the setup.
  • Starting "Show logfiles" from the Start-Menu displays the realtime logfile.


Other unix distributions

Please download and start installation of WebCFG to /opt/WebCFG-bundle:

If you have to install WebCFG without using a graphical display (X11 windows system), please append "-c" to the installer: -c

Follow the instructions now.


Graphic based installation

The following picture belongs to the installation process based on

  • microsoft windows (WebCFG-bundle-installer.exe)
  • generic unix installation (

Starting installation


Choosing installation components

Configure tomcat ports listen to.

Choosing a password for managing tomcat.

Choosing startup options