The multi purpose Web Frontend

With WebCFG – pronounced ›Web-Config‹ – you make it easy for your users. Simple data-entry masks shown by a web browser allow every user to perform defined IT administrative and configuration tasks independently. As the administrator, you create the desired data-entry masks with WebCFG – customized, simple, safe. Your system administration will run smoothly.

Your users – spoiled by Windows – are more familiar with data-entry masks than with normal commands in configuration files. WebCFG provides you with a trusted environment. Your users perform the administrative tasks themselves.

As an administrator, simplify your work by consolidating constantly recurring configuration tasks in a WebCFG configuration file and attend to them in an organized and safe way.

WebCFG magically produces attractive data-entry pages from simple, easily edited commands which are entered as comment lines in the configuration files.

WebCFG is written completely in Java. Therefore, it is available for Windows as well as Linux environments.


  • Here you can have WebCFG demonstrated in a four-minute video and see how easily you can set up your configuration.
  • But maybe sample screenshots are enough for you.
  • The best way is to get a free test version online, or …  
  • You can buy WebCFG and start immediately – for the sake of your users.