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WebCFG screenshots. You can also have a quick look at our screenshots. We show you how easily you can use WebCFG and create your own data-entry masks through various examples.


  • Start Screen: In the start screen you choose the configuration you want to edit.
  • Meta Configuration: The meta configuration specifies hosts, services, authentication methods and the configuration files.
  • Authentication: Choose between different authentication methods like password, LDAP or SSH.
  • Tabs: Separate the configuration files into different tabs.
  • Execute Scripts: Manage configurations that consists of different files.
  • Include files and scripts: Include different files and execute scripts for evaluating the new configuration sets.
  • Elements of the web form: Enrich the configuration set with elements of a web form like tabs, radio buttons, entry fields or checkboxes.

More Screenshots

For more screenshots please refer to our gallery.


Manage various servers over the network: Manage other server configurations from a central server running WebCFG.