Simplify administrator tasks

You can conveniently consolidate frequently recurring tasks in a clearly organized web interface and manage one or more systems in no time.
If you use Linux systems in addition to Windows, you know that it can be time-consuming and troublesome to perform respective configuration tasks: editing configuration files knowing and checking syntax reloading configuration or restarting process. With WebCFG you can edit these configuration files from the browser very easily without shell commands and without occasional cryptic Linux editors. In this way, it is also possible for administrators to maintain these systems who are inexperienced in Linux environments. In the process, you do not even have to be on location. The tasks can be easily performed remotely.



In configuring a mail server, the mail addresses and aliases have to be kept constantly up-to-date, or mailing lists set up or changed. With WebCFG you can display each area separately in a simple tab and conveniently add mail addresses or extend mailing lists. You only have to press a button to take on the configuration. Afterwards, it will be read automatically in the mail server. Possible errors occurring in log files will be shown directly and therefore can be changed immediately.


Further Examples:

  • Manage virtual hosts of an Apache web server
  • Configure and maintain Sieve rules (for vacation, Spam and other actions)
  • Update DNS zone files when adding hosts and with serial number updates and syntax check


  • Consolidate various administrative tasks in a comfortably unified web interface
  • Allows Windows users to edit Linux configuration files without cryptic editors or shell commands
  • Manage various servers in the network