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WebCFG professional free of charge !
Save 389 EUR - get WebCFG professional version for free !

Due to launching WebCFG in sepmteber 2007, we offer the possibility to get  a NFR (no for resale) WebCFG professional license - for free. You will save 389 EUR !!

Our restricted offer to you in september and october 2007
  • we give away 10 x NFR WebCFG professional license for free - every month !
  • we will support you using WebCFG to realize your web frontend for your szenario.
  • we will add your scripts to our example respository and our gallery.

What's your job ?
  • download WebCFG and get a 30 day evaluation license.
  • use WebCFG as a web front-end to your szenario / problem / script
  • tell us your experience using WebCFG
  • tell us your story and send us your script/configurations and screenshots
  • .. that's it

At the end of every month, we will rate all scenarios you send us. Then we pick out the 10 best rated scenarios and the sender will get an unlimited WebCFG professional license !