Create AD users
Simple windows user management in active directory
The challange

A Company get new employees - other leave the company. The administators task is to integrate these new users in the it enviroment. This meas create new user accounts, copy data, create signatures and so on. The process of "integrate a new user" must be defined - and all the sub tasks should be done. Administrator would like to delegate processing this task to other people, e.g. the human resources departement.

The solution

But how can the human resource departement create users in windows active directory ? Copy templates ? Create new alias entries in sophisticated technical configuration files on unix ? They can - they can use a Web browser for triggering your integration process.

Test the full version of WebCFG

You can use WebCFG in the Professional version for 30 days free of charge with all the functions. Simply download the complete program for Windows or for Linux after filling out the registration sheet. Your information are necessary to send you the Evaluation Key.

WEB frontend for human resouce department
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